Wednesday, 14 February 2007


I quite often hear mums say they are worried about baby led weaning because of a fear that their baby would "gag and choke".

What I spend ages explaining is that gagging is not the same as choking.

We all have a gag reflex, it is natures way of moving objects from the back of our throat back up into our mouths. Learning to move objects in this way is all part of the "oral control" that Gill Rapley says baby led weaning will promote.

Whilst I have no experience of George choking, I do have a lot of him gagging. He will often sit and in a way reminiscent of Steptoe hack and cough away whilst in his highchair. The offending article is then spat out, examined and put straight back into his mouth! Disgusting child.

I think at times that my ignoring this must look bizarre to a casual observer, as gagging is, at times, quite dramatic. But George has never got into any difficulty and I believe that my remaining calm has ensured he too has stayed calm.

They do seem to get better with experience, and the gagging gets less and less.

Stick with it, and remain calm!


Mel x


jescott said...

I agree, many of the "other mums" say 'but won't he choke' and my answer is simply 'no, he will cough it up, when he was little would throw up a little milk i wouldn't run to him and hold him over my knew crying "my poor baby!" because i knew he would have no trouble getting out what he needed. However had he been trying for a long time unsuccessfully i would them go over and hold him upright and he would do it all on his own' Babies are very clever things - they're built to survive!

prettred said...

Thank you for this and your other posts. I'm just starting this adventure myself (with 8.5 mo-old, after weeks of fussing with my stick blender, mini processor and silicon ice cube trays) and finding your blog very informative and helpful.